Monday, September 13, 2010

Lions v. Bears

I was disappointed when the referees disallowed Johnson's catch yesterday. That rule must change .

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I have despised the New York Jets since the Bruce Coslet coaching days of 1990-93, but now, with Hard Knocks revealing a little bit of Rex, it's hard not to love this team.
HAPPY NEW YEAR> NFL fans, may all your teams shine, because mine (Lions and Browns) won't.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am still not numb yet; watching the msnbc coverage , real-time synched , as the second plane smashed into the North Tower still is horrific, just minus the shock of seeing it live nine years ago. I knew it was aggressive terrorism instantly, before a word was said. Later that day, the late Peter Jennings did his very best journalistic work...he was great, hour after hour, and most radio and TV folks did, but Jennings was the glue that held me together.
I was 650 miles away from NYC that day, but it seemed like my neighborhood. It was awful.
I wish I could write how I felt after Osama / Usama bin Laden had been captured and executed, but instead George Bush 43 pressed another direction, until he got Saddam Hussein hanged.
So there we are, still fighting in Afghanistan all these years later, and we haven't even chased bin Laden in years, given him a free pass, forgot about him (at least Bush said he never even thinks about OBL, and he said that years ago.)

Big game today in South Bend

Once more the Wolverines travel to South Bend, and again it is supposed to rain, but it just can't rain any harder than it did in 2008.

I am worried that this big tight end , Rudolph, may kill a few Wolverines when he blocks. This kid is big and he belongs in the league that pays well...oh yeah...
Coach Brian Kelly will have his troops ready; I like Kelly, and I really think this will be a classic ND / M game.