Saturday, February 24, 2007

Townes Van Zandt in Heartworn Highway

Townes Van Zandt

Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Mister Lincoln

Our sixteenth President is 198 today. God Save the Republic.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Just think back to 2003...Kerry was not a real contender... nobody gave him a chance; he was rudimentarily dismissed on Meet The Press and all the talk shows...and he charged ahead and won the nomination.

Hillary Clinton, again today, made it CLEAR she would have invaded Iraq, just HANDLED it differently . I did not see the questioner who told her that people like him would never vote for her unless she admitted the WAR was a mistake, and that SHE had messed up by voting for it. I , likewise, could never vote for a loose cannon like her.

Now, Al Gore, dismissed by many as a dinosaur, long buried by history, is receiving attention again.

The clarion call is sounding. I hear it.


Americans , press and public alike, praised Jimmy Carter as a "fresh" president, and turned on him en masse and threw him out resoundingly for an old has-been B movie actor who was HATED by progressive Californians for his backward views. They wanted a mature figure in the White House.

Obama would be chewed up by the press, dismissed as a lightweight (which would be correct) and easily defeated by the GOP in 2012.

We need Al Gore to step up and receive his destiny, as President of these United States. If Obama's so "real", he can mature and be ready to run in 2016, ensuring the White House until 2024, when I can take my dirt nap, content with the nation, and safe from the "world".

Friday, February 09, 2007

And Who Will Be Held Accountable?

I cannot get the image out of my mind...I was a forklift driver for many years, anyway.In this day of articles in the media and constant encouragement of using plastic...a cashless society...why was it necessary to bundle stacks of 100 dollar bills on pallets and forklift them onto cargo planes bound for Iraq...12 BILLION dollars, to start.Of course when it got there it quickly slipped through the cracks...and last night on the Nightly News Waxman was shown questioning officials "wha-hoppen"
"Loose accounting measures in the Iraqi treasury offices", was the answer.Will these people that sent 12 billion TAXPAYERS' dollars to be stolen immediately by Iraqi "friendlies" be held accountable?NO, is the short answer, and also the complete answer.12 billion dollars paid into the US Treasury by hard working Americans , just given away, stacked on pallets and filling up a cargo plane, mysteriously disappearing.And after this, we still have Americans supporting this war, confident "we" are wining this war, willing to give hundreds of billions more to who-knows-who? troops can be sent out on helicopters with virtual bullseyes on them, to be slaughtered, and troops sent out on patrol amorless, with thin steel and plastic to protect them from IEDs of ever-increasing strength. This is what supporting the troops means to the warmongers. In case you didn't know, it's time to CUT AND RUN !!