Saturday, July 30, 2011

a painful tail, er... tale!

I also was hit by an errant ball once.
Back in the 1990s the Toledo Mud Hens still played at the old racetrack in Maumee at the fairgrounds, which years ago had been converted into a baseball stadium.
It is only 70 minutes from home, so I attended games sporadically.
One Sunday I had organized a family outing at the place, Ned Skeldon Stadium it was called.
Everyone drove in from different directions, and I was standing outside the gate waiting for the families to converge and we could all go in together.
The games were broadcast and I had my radio on because everyone was late. I remember it well…Frank “The Cat” Catalanotto fouled one over the grandstand roof…I heard a WATCH OUT! and I covered my head, sort of figuring out the baseball might be heading my way , as I had heard that Frank had fouled one over the roof…just then a sharp pain…I had been hit square in the butt!
There was a bicycle posse out there, kids who patrolled the area to get those foul balls, and a kid got my baseball.
Yes, everyone showed up just after this, and I told my tail, er …tale. heh heh
I don’t think they believed my story, except my wife, because I showed her my bruised cheek. And no, she did not kiss it to make it better. Of course not. :)


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